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Brazilian Butt Lift in Lexington, Wellesley Hills, Peabody

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All About Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

Our safe and effective Non-Surgical Brazillian Butt Lift pairs two results-driven treatments: CoolTone™ and the injectable filler, Radiesse® to tighten, lift, and increase volume in the buttock area, without the downtime and complications associated with a more invasive surgical Brazilian Butt Lift.


How A Non-Surgical Brazillian Butt Lift Works

Radiesse, is an injectable filler comprised of tiny calcium-based microspheres (calcium hydroxylapatite) suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. When injected strategically in the buttock area, it provides an immediate increase in volume and continues to work by stimulating the body to produce its own collagen for a long-lasting effect. To further enhance results, we pair Radiesse with a series of CoolTone treatments to lift and tighten the muscles of the buttocks.

Radiesse for BBL treatment informational image

CoolTone works by using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology, to penetrate through the skin and fat layers to target the muscle layer. The CoolTone treatment applicator is applied to the buttocks, where over a 30 minute session, it induces a series rapid involuntary muscle contractions. The body’s response to these contractions is to strengthen its muscle fibers, resulting in a firmer, more toned and defined appearance. A series of CoolTone treatments is required for best results.

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What do Treatments Feel Like?

Radiesse injections are very tolerable, with most patients feeling just a slight pinch when the needle in injected. Pro-Nox is available to our patients to alleviate any discomfort or anxiety associated with injectable treatments.

CoolTone treatments feel like a series of strong muscle contractions. Treatment is not painful, but patients may find the feeling uncomfortable at first until they get used to it.

Our Brazilian Butt Lift Patient Before & Afters

Brazilian Butt Lift before and after photo
Brazilian Butt Lift before and after photo
Brazilian Butt Lift before and after photo
Brazilian Butt Lift before and after photo

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Safety & Recovery

Both Radiesse and CoolTone are FDA-approved procedures with excellent safety profiles. The non-invasive approach of pairing Radiesse and CoolTone means patients don’t need to worry about risks like incisions, scarring, anesthesia, or a long recovery time. There is also no downtime associated with our Non-Surgical Brazillian Butt Lift, beyond some muscle soreness in the treated area from CoolTone and some slight tenderness at the Radiesse injection sites. Both resolve quickly.

CoolTone is not recommended for patients with metal or electronic implants, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, implanted defibrillators, implanted neurostimulators, drug pumps, or hearing aids. In addition, patients with fever, malignant tumor, hemorrhagic conditions, epilepsy, pulmonary insufficiency, pregnancy, and sensitivity or allergy to latex are not good candidates for CoolTone.

Brazilian Butt Lift Lexington

What’s Unique About Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Treatments at Aspire Medspa

Unparalleled training! Aspire Medspa’s highly trained CoolTone technicians have all undergone extensive and continued education training with both Allergan (the maker of CoolTone) and our own internal world class credentialing.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

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