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What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that uses the gentle power of radiofrequency energy to eliminate unwanted fat that is resistant to diet or exercise.


How Vanquish Works

Without ever touching your skin, Vanquish uses targeted non-invasive radiofrequency energy to deliver deep heating to the layer of fatty tissue just beneath the skin. This targeted heat damages the fat cells without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. These damaged fat cells are flushed away naturally by the lymphatic system, and over time a leaner and more sculpted physique will emerge.

What Areas Can be Treated With Vanquish? And, What do Treatments Feel Like?

Vanquish provides lasting results on several areas of the body, including the abdominal area, hips, inner and outer thighs, and arms. One of the advantages of Vanquish is that it can cover a large area of the body at once.

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Vanquish Safety & Recovery

What do Treatments Feel Like?

During the treatment, and for several hours afterward, there is a feeling of warmth in the treated area. Each Vanquish treatment takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete, with results seen within two weeks and continuing to improve over the next few months. Once the unwanted fat cells are destroyed, they will not return. For the best results, maintain a consistent, healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.

Vanquish Safety & Recovery

Comfortable and safe, Vanquish treatments provide great results without the downtime associated with more invasive surgical procedures. After treatment, you’ll be able to go right back to your day-to-day activities.

Although Vanquish is helpful at shedding inches from your waistline, it is not a weight loss treatment. Not everyone will be qualified for Vanquish fat removal if they are not near or at their target weight and body mass index. However, Vanquish is appropriate for many people who come in for a consultation, and we can find the appropriate treatment to help you destroy fat cells in your unique problem areas at Aspire MedSpa.


What’s Unique About Vanquish Treatments at Aspire Medspa

Although some people can enjoy satisfying results from excess fat in a single treatment with Vanquish, most patients come in for multiple sessions to experience the optimal reduction in the fat layer.

A typical treatment plan involves up to four sessions scheduled a week or so apart depending on your schedule and goals from the procedure.

Results of Vanquish

After your treatment plan has finished, you can experience up to a 60% reduction in stubborn fat cells in the treated area(s) with Vanquish. This correlates to many patients losing 2-4 inches off their waistline, all without surgery, downtime, or discomfort.

The results of Vanquish are more or less permanent with a healthy lifestyle. If you were to gain weight in the future, the fat increases will be proportionate throughout your body, meaning they won’t first grow back in your treatment area.

Some patients also experience mild to moderate skin tightening in the treated areas, due to residual heat from the fat layer stimulating the dermis, where structural proteins like collagen and elastin are formed to help keep skin tight. For further skin tightening benefits, our team can recommend other skin treatments to help you look and feel your best after Vanquish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments of Vanquish are needed?

Vanquish is typically sold in a package of 4 sessions. Some patients need an additional couple treatments depending on their goals. We recommend treating every 1-2 weeks and require good hydration.

How do I prepare for vanquish treatment?

Start developing an exercise routine that you can continue after your treatment. It is also important to be hydrated before your Vanquish treatment. Drinking up to 50 ounces of water daily to flush fatty acids.

How do you get the best results with Vanquish?

Hydrate before and after treatment and stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine for the best results.nDrinking up to 50 ounces of water daily to flush fatty acids.

How long does it take to see results from Vanquish?

It’s common to see results after one session with Vanquish, but your full results will begin to emerge at two weeks. Full results can typically be seen at 4-8 weeks.

How many times can you do Vanquish?

Most patients benefit from a package of 4-6 treatments over the course of a few weeks. Treatments are typically spaced one week apart.

Can you exercise after Vanquish?

You can return to your normal activities after Vanquish treatment. In fact, you can work out as you normally would.

How many inches can you lose with Vanquish?

Vanquish can reduce your waist size by as much as four inches with a full treatment package. However, our team can give you a more personalized estimate of what kind of results you can expect.

How much fat does vanquish remove?

Some studies estimate that Vanquish can remove as much as 60% of fat cells in the treated area. Vanquish works by removing the fat cells themselves, not just the fatty contents. This means results are long-lasting.

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