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Botox Vs. Xeomin Vs. Dysport: Knowing the Difference

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It’s a common myth that injections are interchangeable, but that’s not actually the case. While there’s a variety of options, two of the most popular are Botox and Xeomin. Both come from the same bacterium and a toxin named clostridium botulinum. Understanding what makes the anti-wrinkle injectables, and Xeomin, unique, you can make the right choice for your needs and get the results you want. Don’t book an appointment for your injections without learning which treatment will help transform your face and skin.   


When we think of injectables, most people immediately think of Botox. While it’s not the only injectable out there, this option is by far the most prevalent. It’s proven to be a reliable anti-aging treatment that smooths out crows feet and fine lines.   


Xeomin is the lesser-known of the three injectables, but it can deliver on the same stunning results that Botox does. Though, unlike its counterpart, your body won’t build up a tolerance and lose the effectiveness. Xeomin doesn’t diminish wrinkles like Botox, but you won’t feel as much restrictive tightness.  


Dysport injections can give you the same benefits as the other two. You can say goodbye to crows feet and all those tiny lines. The only real difference in the manufacturing process that adds an extra ingredient. If you have any dietary restrictions that might affect your decision let us know during your consultation.   

Book your appointment at Aspire Med Spa for a consultation on our selection of injectables. If your a new client you can even take advantage of our special or when you purchase 100 units or more of Botox or Xeomin. We are conveniently located in Lexington at 201 Massachusetts Ave, in Peabody at 205 Andover St, and another Spa in Wellesley Hills at 332 Washington Street, Fraser, Building Lower Level Suite 10. Just give us a call at 781-531-9482 to schedule an appointment today.

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