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Fade Scars to Improve Your Skin and Self-Esteem

female patient receiving skin care treatment

Not every scar is “cool”, or comes with a good story you love to tell after someone points it out. And living with these kinds of scars can be tough. But since everything from acne to major and small injuries can leave you with blemishes, you need a way to deal that’s more than temporarily hiding them under makeup or clothes. Luckily, you don’t have to live with unwanted scars. There are plenty of ways to fade them both at home if they are small or at Aspire if your scars prove to be more stubborn.

Preventing scars starts at taking care of the area immediately. Scars begin forming during the healing process so the best way to prevent them is to stop them is to take good care of the wound or source. Using a topical antibiotic keeps your skin clean and lubricated which helps speed up healing and reduces the chances of scabs. Scabs often cause more pronounced scars and it’s crucial you don’t pick at any. If a mark does appear, try one of these methods:

  1. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is applauded for its natural healing abilities, including the effect it has on scars. This option is better for lighter scars that need a little help to fade. Apply the Aloe Vera in a circular movement around the problem area and leave for half an hour before rinsing it off. Do that two times a day and you’ll see blemish grow smaller and smaller.
  2. Microneedling – Scars are made of collagen that has built up to heal a wound. This creates a bumpy texture that comes with a scar. Microneedling encourages collagen to grow in skin areas impacted by scarring. The collagen then fills in scars and evens the skin surface. There are tools that you can buy and use on your own, but you can also come right to the pros at Aspire for a treatment that busts through visible scars.
  3. Massaging – Gently massaging the area around your mark or marks breaks down the collagen that gives scars their appearance, making it hard to see. Not only does a small scar massage feel pleasant, the movement stretches out the collagen, making the scar look flatter and smaller. 
  4. Over the counter creams – Got a scar that refuses to fade long after the injury has healed? There are a number of products you can pick up from the store that is formulated to improve the look of blemishes can also limit itchy sensation so if the scar is still healing, you won’t cause further damage by scratching.
  5. Laser Skin Resurfacing – When you’ve exhausted all the other methods and yet your scars are still noticeable, then laser therapy is your next step. This treatment is designed for larger scars so you can trust deep, noticeable scars will be far less visible after a few sessions.

Don’t let your unwanted scars affect your self-esteem when you don’t have to at Aspire Med Spa, we have a suite of skin rejuvenation and repair service to fade marks like they were never even there at our luxury Med Spa in Lexington. We are conveniently located in Lexington at 201 Massachusetts Ave, in Peabody at 205 Andover St, and another spa in Wellesley Hills at 332 Washington Street, Fraser, Building Lower Level Suite 10. Just give us a call at 781-863-5274 to set up a consultation.

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