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Fade Spider Veins With Sclerotherapy Treatment

Fade Spider Veins With Sclerotherapy Treatment

Find effective treatment for varicose and spider veins using sclerotherapy treatment. This low-risk, minimally invasive treatment is proven to bring results and is one of the most requested solutions for spider veins. Once the treatment has fully taken effect, you won’t see those veins come back gain. See your varicose veins fade away permanently with sclerotherapy. Learn more about how this treatment can benefit you!

Sclerotherapy involves injections that cause veins to shrink until they are absorbed back into the surrounding tissue. The procedure doesn’t take long and there’s no extensive preparation ahead of time. While there may be some side effects like bruising, raised red areas, and dark spots, these are often only temporary, lasting a few days. Follow sessions might be necessary in order until the veins are completely faded.

Though the treatment is usually fairly easy and doesn’t require anesthesia, it can be mildly uncomfortable. There is a possibility you might experience a slight burning and itching sensation, but these are only during the injection process. When the solution has been successfully inserted into your spider veins  a professional massages the area and applies compression to ensure the treatment has the maximum effect.

Most people who have turned to sclerotherapy for their spiders have reported a long-lasting difference after using this treatment. If you’ve been searching for the answer to your twisted, and enlarged veins, speak to a knowledgeable vein specialist about your options.

Schedule a consultation at Aspire Med Spa Peabody and discover the possibilities sclerotherapy treatment can do for your varicose veins. We are conveniently located in Lexington at 201 Massachusetts Ave, in Peabody at 205 Andover St, and another spa in Wellesley Hills at 332 Washington Street, Fraser, Building Lower Level Suite 10. Just give us a call to set up your sclerotherapy treatment appointment today. 

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