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IPL Treatmentin Lexington and Wellesley Hills

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What is IPL Treatment?

IPL Treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) also known as IPL Photofacial is a non-ablative light treatment that improves the appearance of photo-aged skin, brown and red skin pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. Find out if you are a good candidate for IPL Treatment by contacting us at Aspire Med Spa today!


How Does IPL Treatment Work?

IPL Treatment uses light energy to target and remove pigmented or damaged skin cells. The light is converted to heat energy as it penetrates below the surface of the skin, breaking down the damaged cells so they can be naturally removed by the body. An advantage of IPL Treatments is the device’s ability to target larger areas of skin in a single pulse compared with narrow beam, small spot size lasers. The number of IPL treatments required varies from patient to patient depending on the severity of the concern being treated.

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What Areas Can be Treated With IPL?

IPL can be used anywhere on the face and body. Popular treatment areas are the face, neck, chest, hands and arms.

The sensation felt during an IPL Treatment is that of heat and has been likened to a pinching sensation, similar to a rubber band being snapped on the skin’s surface. To make it as comfortable for our Lexington IPL Treatment patients as possible we offer Pro-Nox, an analgesic delivery system to ease pain and anxiety during treatment.


“So wonderful. Loved my IPL Photofacial and would recommend for anyone who would like their age spots gone.” – Lisa C. | So Tell Us

IPL Treatment Safety & Recovery

IPL Treatment is a safe treatment in the hands of a highly trained expert. If you are on blood thinners or pregnant you should avoid IPL Treatment.

Following your IPL Treatment, your skin may be pink or red and may feel like you have a sunburn that typically lasts between 4 to 8 hours. Ice packs can be helpful to relieve any discomfort following treatment. Swelling is also a common side effect of IPL Treatment and usually lasts for several days after treatment. If skin pigmentation was addressed during your IPL, you may find your pigmented areas will get darker and then peel away 7 to 10 days after treatment. At Aspire Med Spa, we strive to provide the best IPL Treatment Lexington has to offer.

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What’s Unique About IPL at Aspire Med Spa

A Variety of Treatment Options! Aspire is proud to offer an array of lasers and light devices, giving us the ability to customize your care and provide the very best treatment results.

Unparalleled training! Aspire Med Spa’s highly trained technicians have all undergone extensive and continued educational training with our own internal world-class credentialing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are IPL results permanent?

Your IPL results will last a long time, but as you age, other dark spots could pop up years after treatment. We recommend at least 3 sessions.

Can IPL damage your skin?

Since IPL targets problem areas, there is a minimal risk that your skin will be damaged during treatment.

Can I pluck after IPL?

Avoid plucking since this will remove the root of the hair, making it untreatable.

Can IPL cause hyperpigmentation?

When performed incorrectly or on darker skin tones, IPL can increase the appearance of darkened pigmentation. Choosing a skilled provider is vital for the best outcomes.

Can IPL damage eyes?

IPL devices carry the risk of injuring the iris and retina just like lasers Because of this, it is important that patients wear special protective eyewear during their IPL treatment.

Can IPL remove flat moles?

Yes, IPL treatments can may decrease the pigmentation of moles. The IPL energy is absorbed by the excess melanin in the flat mole, and the energy then breaks up the melanin.

Can IPL remove pigmentation?

Yes, IPL is an effective treatment for eliminating skin pigmentation such as age spots, unwanted freckles, and more.

Can IPL tighten skin?

IPL can increase skin smoothness by stimulating natural collagen production in the skin.

Can IPL worsen melasma?

IPL does carry the risk of heating the surrounding skin, which may worsen melasma. If you have melasma, your provider may recommend an alternative treatment.

Does IPL burn fat?

No, IPL does not burn fat or cause fat cell death.

Does IPL cause swelling?

Following IPL treatment, you may experience a mild degree of redness and swelling. This should resolve within a few hours after treatment.

Does IPL damage skin?

IPL is a safe anti-aging treatment that does not damage the surface of the skin.

Does IPL get rid of broken capillaries?

IPL can help with broken capillaries and spider veins also for rosacea, but the ideal solution for coagulation of blood capillaries and spider veins is to use Long Pulse Yag Laser.

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