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Lose the Holiday Weight

Skinny female streching out her jeans

Now that the year is coming to a close and we look to the new year, it’s an excellent time to take stock of your body and health. No one’s going to judge if you indulged in a little too much food and drink this past holiday season, but don’t let the excess pounds hang around for long. Schedule an appointment to see one of our specialists at Aspire Med Spa to see about shedding the weight and getting back to a healthier version of you. We have everything you need, whether its targeting specific areas and more in-depth weight loss.

While the gifts and giving of Christmas are easy to lose yourself in, the weight you pick up in the meantime, not so much. Luckily, Coolsculpting is here to freeze away stubborn pounds and have you looking great again. The FDA-approved technology melts away unwanted body mass that has packed on to certain areas.

The abdomen and sides are notorious for gaining weight after all those cookies and carbs, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Body contouring is noninvasive, and the method we use, Sculpsure reduces unwanted fat cells up to 24 percent in these areas for a slimmer look without any pain or downtime.

HCG Diet
Sometimes the weight just doesn’t come off the way we want to, or we put on a little bit more than expected, and that’s okay. It only means a more extensive method is needed to drop the weight. Our medical weight loss program uses HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, to jumpstart your metabolism and change how your body reacts to fat cells so you can see long-term results.

Book your appointment at Aspire Med Spa for a consultation for any of your weight loss services. We are conveniently located in Lexington at 201 Massachusetts Ave, in Peabody at 205 Andover St, and another Spa in Wellesley Hills at 332 Washington Street, Fraser, Building Lower Level Suite 10. Just give us a call at 781-863-5274 to schedule.

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