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Say Goodbye to Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Woman receiving hair removal treatment

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be tiresome and time consuming if you go the old-fashioned route with razors, hair creams, plucking and waxing. If you’re ready to try something serious, we offer laser hair removal to keep you looking good without the hassle.

How does it work? Laser hair removal targets light at the follicles, which destroys follicles while removing hair in the treated areas. Hair, with repeated treatments, can be successfully removed on a permanent basis.

Most people try shaving to get rid of wanted hair. It’s quick and in the privacy of your home. However, there’s some clear disadvantages of shaving. Shaving leaves the hair follicles intact which means the hair grows back quickly. So, besides the obvious cuts and nicks, smooth skin is only temporary and people can often see stubble the very next day.

Hair removal creams are far less effective and can cause skin irritations for those with sensitive skin. You may experience some hair removal but you usually need to follow up with a razor to remove all of it.

Plucking can be a painful way to remove to unwanted hair, especially on the face. Not only is it painstakingly slow, if you get it wrong, like when shaping your eyebrows, you’ll be left with lopsided and thin brows.

Waxing can be a pretty good option when done by a skilled esthetician because it removes hair at the root. However, hair needs to be grown out before waxing for it to be most effective since the wax needs to hold onto some hairs that lie above the surface to pull and remove them.

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment that removes the hair you want, exactly where you want it. There’s no need to hair to grow out before treatment, there’s no stubble, and hair grows back very slowly if at all. The treatments are relatively quick, larger areas take longer, and you save overall time to your beauty routine by not having to shave or pluck. Laser hair removal may seem a more expensive endeavor but it’s actually economical if you consider you no longer have to buy razors, creams or other products.

At Aspire Med Spa, we use experienced technicians overseen by physicians. Our state-of-the-art technology, in partnership with our vast experience, promises you a hair removal treatment that is fast, safe, and comfortable, even in sensitive areas of the body.

Make an appointment today at Aspire Med Spa in Peabody to find out how our laser hair removal can work for the areas you desire. Call us at 781-863-5274, or book your appointment online.

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