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All About Laser Hair Removal in Lexington, Wellesley Hills, Peabody

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal uses laser energy to gently and permanently reduce unwanted hair, replacing the need for less effective hair removal options, such as shaving, waxing, plucking, depilatory creams, and electrolysis. Multiple laser hair removal treatments are required for initial hair removal, followed by maintenance treatments. Ask us how you can save with our Laser Hair Removal packages!


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How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser Hair Removal works by targeting the melanin (pigment) found in the bulb of the hair follicles that are in an active (anagen) growth state. The energy from the pulse of the laser damages the hair follicle, and 1-2 weeks after treatment, the hair will shed from the follicle. The treated hair follicles will not regrow, and a series of multiple treatments are required every 6-8 weeks to target hairs that are in their active growth cycle.

How Laser Hair Removal works

What Areas Can be Treated With Laser Hair Removal? And, What do Treatments Feel Like?

Our laser technology can rapidly treat large areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, and legs, while also being gentle enough to treat sensitive areas such as the face, underarm, and bikini line. Unfortunately very light colored hair (white, grey, or blonde) cannot be treated as the laser works by targeting melanin, the pigment found in hair.

We recommend shaving the treatment area before your visit and avoiding plucking or waxing, as the hair follicle must be present for the laser to work effectively. Laser Hair Removal treatment has been compared to the sensation of a rubber band being snapped on the skin. As the laser can target multiple hair follicles at one time, it is a quicker and more tolerable treatment than electrolysis, which can only target one hair at a time. If you are concerned about discomfort during treatment, we offer Pro-Nox, an analgesic delivery system, designed to ease pain and anxiety during your Laser Hair Removal treatment.


“Aspire Medspa is a friendly place which helped me feel comfortable having laser hair removal. I was scared the first day, didn’t know I was afraid of the light which can happen, but everyone was very kind and helped me continue the process with the help of Pro-Nox which totally had me relax and forget about the light. Funny thing was it didn’t hurt at all and the laser hair removal worked so well. I’ve been so happy with the results. By the 5th appointment I didn’t even need the Pro-Nox and they have a super cool new machine that doesn’t even have light. The staff is so kind, they make you feel like family. 5 stars!!” - Cindy G.| So Tell Us

Laser Hair Removal Safety & Recovery

Laser Hair Removal has been commercially available for approximately the last 25 years and has an excellent safety profile backed by clinical research.

There is typically no downtime associated with Laser Hair Removal, beyond some redness for an hour or two after your treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Lexington

What’s Unique About Laser Hair Removal at Aspire Medspa

Compelling savings! Save on Laser Hair Removal treatments by taking advantage of our Unlimited Packages. Ask an Aspire team member for more information and to choose the package that is right for you.

Unparalleled training! Aspire Medspa’s highly trained technicians have all undergone extensive and continued education training with our own internal world class credentialing.

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