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Pro-Nox Keeps the Pain and Anxiety Away

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Who would say no to getting a beautiful youthful skin, a toned body, or one of the many other benefits of an aesthetic and medical treatment from us at Aspire Med Spa? The truth is, it’s easy to pass up if you’re anxious about the treatment or any pain that comes with it, but Pro-Nox helps ease those worries. Pro-Nox not only smooths away your tension; it also blocks pain from treatment so you are as comfortable as possible during the whole appointment. If you’re still not sold on this method of dealing with pain and anxiety, learn more about Pro-Nox and how it can improve your next treatment.  

What Does Pro-Nox Do
Pro-Nox is an analgesic delivery system that calms your jitters and numbs any pain. At Aspire, we never want you to feel uncomfortable, but we understand some of our services can feel frightening at first. That’s why we offer Pro-Nox.  A 50% nitrous oxide, 50% oxygen formula, you probably know it as laughing gas, is mixed together and delivered straight to you through a simple mask or tube. Through Pro-Nox’s innovative device, you can personally adjust the rate of the gas. You’ll be in total control as you decide whether you need more or less to let you feel relaxed during the treatment.

How Does Pro-Nox Affect You?
We get people worried about the effects of Pro-Nox all the time, but you’ll find it’s a much better alternative than other options. Nitrous Oxide isn’t addictive or sedating in any way and keeps you safe from forming any long-lasting habits. The effects kick in fairly fast, so you won’t be waiting around until you feel it. Pro-Nox starts to work within seconds and it’s just as quick to wear off. That means you won’t need to find a driver before you can go home. You’ll be okay to drive by the end of the treatment. Since nitrous oxide has been used for decades you can trust it’s effectiveness.  

At Aspire Med Spa in Peabody we never want you to feel uncomfortable. If you’re worried about anxiety or pain during one of our services, then ask about Pro-Nox. We are conveniently located in Lexington at 201 Massachusetts Ave, in Peabody at 205 Andover St, and another spa in Wellesley Hills at 332 Washington Street, Fraser, Building Lower Level Suite 10. Contact us online or just give us a call at 781-863-5274 to set up a consultation.

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