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Beginners Guide to Getting Natural-Looking Botox

Reaching adulthood is a wonderful accomplishment despite all those years showing up on our faces in the form of wrinkles. With time, these fine lines and wrinkles will only become more and more prominent. To restore the beauty of youth, many individuals seek out cosmetic injectables like BOTOX. As one of the most popular anti-aging procedures available, thanks to its effectiveness and convenience, BOTOX can do wonders for facial rejuvenation. However, there is always the risk of over-injecting to the point of looking unnatural. If you’re ready to try BOTOX but want to maintain a natural look, check out our beginner’s guide to getting natural-looking BOTOX.

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is the medical brand name for concentrated botulinum toxin that is used to treat dynamic wrinkles. When injected into facial muscles, the neurotoxins cause temporary paralysis of the muscles without damaging the surrounding tissues. Without the ability to move so dramatically, the muscles won’t produce wrinkles while the botulinum toxin is in the body.

BOTOX is a minimally invasive way to restore youth with little to no downtime and minimal side effects. It’s also highly effective with noticeable results on the same day as your appointment.

Tips for Natural-Looking BOTOX

We’ve all seen the unfortunate photos in the tabloids of celebrities who have undergone too much BOTOX, but don’t let these photos discourage you from experiencing the many amazing benefits of BOTOX. Instead. let them serve as mere warnings against getting too much BOTOX. Here are some tips for keeping your BOTOX results looking as natural as possible.

Start Early

The skin contains collagen, which gives it elasticity and laxity. As we get older, this collagen begins to break down and is replenished at a much more diminished rate. The lack of elasticity caused by this diminished collagen causes the skin to droop and form wrinkles.

Both women and men start developing wrinkles after 25, although some lucky people may not develop wrinkles until later in life. Wrinkles can be attributed to genetics. However, there are certain things that can cause wrinkles to develop more quickly, such as smoking and sun damage.

Get Regular Touch-ups

BOTOX  is only a temporary solution as it wears off over time. Once the BOTOX wears off, usually after around 3 months, the muscles will begin to produce dynamic wrinkles again. In order to maintain your youthful look, you’ll want to go schedule and attend maintenance appointments to have your BOTOX touched up. You and an anti-aging professional can create a maintenance plan that includes regular appointments every 3 – 4 months.

Choose the Right Place

When you get BOTOX, you need to go to a medical spa witha registered nurse you can trust. Aspire Med Spa offers BOTOX in Lexington MA for anyone who wants to maintain a youthful appearance. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Aspire Med Spa to schedule your first appointment.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about the incredible, youth-restoring benefits of BOTOX schedule a consultation at one of our three Massachusetts locations today. Fill out our online contact from to get in touch.

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